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Seef Properties, one of the leading integrated real estate development companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has recently signed a lease agreement with Foodvest Holding – the parent company of Fuddruckers, Caribou Coffee and Pizza Works – to open both Fuddruckers and Caribou Coffee at Al Liwan project; one of the promising projects being developed by Seef Properties in Hamala area in the Northern Governorate, where the new combined restaurant and café will occupy an area of 220 square meters.

Foodvest Holding has over 20 years of experience in the field of managing and operating franchise for a number of prominent international brands in the hospitality and retail sectors in the growing Middle East market.

Through the distinction and flexibility of its business model, the company seeks to expand its franchise business base to diversify its portfolio of commercial brands and seize the most appropriate investment opportunities in the food and beverage sector.

Fuddruckers began its activities in Bahrain in 1995 with the opening of the first restaurant of its kind that features a comfortable family atmosphere, while Caribou Coffee opened its first store in Bahrain in 2007 and ranks among the three largest global coffee shop chains in the Kingdom.  The first Caribou Coffee location in Bahrain was opened in Seef Mall, and the location still operates today.

Commenting on this occasion, Seef Properties CEO, Mr. Ahmed Yusuf said: “We are pleased to welcome the two world-famous food and beverage brands; Fuddruckers and Caribou Coffee, in Al Liwan project, which today includes prestigious names in the hospitality and retail sector that will meet the needs of all visitors, helping them in creating unforgettable and enjoyable times in an atmosphere filled with comfort, away from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine.”

“We are close to the completion of the features of Al Liwan, in terms of leased spaces and the increasing demand of international brands on the project, thanks to its strategic location in Hamala and the distinctive facilities it provides to tenants and visitors. We, at Seef Properties, are keen to attract the finest and most innovative commercial brands to serve the aspirations of our customers and provide the best solutions and services in the world of retail, hospitality and entertainment,” Mr. Yusuf added.

On his part, Foodvest Holding CEO Mr. Mateo Ramos said, “Al Liwan project fulfils two of our key strategic needs: expanding Caribou Coffee’s drive-thru presence and expanding Fuddruckers to the Hamala area. The Kingdom’s first Caribou Coffee was opened in the original Seef Mall many years ago and still operates in the same location.  We are now in 3 different Seef developments with our various brands.  We feel our relationship has only grown stronger through the Coronavirus crisis and we look forward to what the future may hold.”

Al Liwan project embodies the Bahraini heritage and authenticity to express it in a modern style, which is supported by its unique design and advanced facilities that will contribute to covering the various needs of customers, thanks to its inclusion of 136 different stores and restaurants.

The project has recently witnessed the signing of several leasing contracts with many leading local and international brands, with the leasing rate of available space reaching 60%. The flagship Starbucks coffee shop in the project has already been opened to be the first store that receives customers in Al Liwan, while the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, Miniso, Al Salam Bank, Bliss Lab by Nasser, Lamb Chef Restaurant, Danube Supermarket and many other brands are expected to open its branches at Al Liwan this year.


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