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Who We Are

Foodvest Holding is more than just a business venture; it’s a story of passion, growth, and innovation in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Born from the collaboration between Rahim Holdings and a group of private investors, our journey began over 28 years ago with a simple mission: to revolutionize the dining experience in the Middle East.

We have a successful history of partnering with renowned international franchises like Caribou Coffee and Fuddruckers. These diverse range of high-quality brands are part of our wide range of portfolio, each adding a unique touch to our story. We’re not just adding brands; we’re curating experiences that resonate with the diverse tastes and preferences of our community.

Our story is one of continuous evolution. In a market that’s always changing, we’ve mastered the art of staying ahead. We’re committed to operational excellence and agile enough to adapt to the dynamic Middle East market. Each new partnership and venture is a chapter in our ongoing narrative of growth and success.

At the heart of Foodvest Holding is a passion for quality and customer satisfaction. We believe in the power of strategic collaborations and innovative business practices. Our goal is to set new standards in the food and beverage industry, creating dining experiences that are not just meals but memorable moments.

Integrating new brands into our portfolio is like adding new characters to our story. Each brand maintains its unique identity while benefiting from our support and insights. This synergy not only enhances the customer experience but also ensures sustainable growth for all involved.

As we look to the future, we remain at the forefront of industry trends, constantly seeking new opportunities for growth and expansion. With our extensive experience and robust network of partnerships, Foodvest Holding aims to lead the food and beverage sector.

The Core of Excellence

When the right minds unite around a shared vision, extraordinary things happen.

Mateo Ramos

Chief Executive Officer

Sanjay Kumar

Caribou Coffee Bahrain, Operations Manager

Anne Gallardo

Fuddruckers Bahrain, Operations Manager & CPU

Aneesh Mathath

Account Manager

Leah San Miguel

HR Officer

Nizahar Unni

Facilities Coordinator

Cris Ramos


People & Culture

Every day, we strive to create value for our stakeholders and continuously enhance our operations.

We are dedicated to fostering an adaptable and inclusive work culture that promotes a productive and healthy environment. True to our values, we believe the most productive workplaces are those where everyone shares a common vision.


With a focus on emerging markets in the MENA region, we aim to become a leading diversified holding company in the food industry, maximising shareholders’ value and supporting economic development on a global scale.


We are committed to offering memorable experiences through delicious food and drink, friendly service, and genuine hospitality across all our brands. By adapting our business model and leveraging opportunities in the food value chain, we aim to increase shareholder value, optimize growth, and achieve sustainable, balanced performance in economic, social, and environmental aspects.
Our staff, our greatest asset, is key to creating value. We motivate and develop each team member to their full potential, providing opportunities for growth.

Our Values



We prioritize the well-being of the communities and economies we serve, passionately building sustainable businesses that thrive for future generations while meeting today’s needs.



We aim to make work and interactions enjoyable for everyone involved. We encourage each other and celebrate our successes, confident that our innovative ideas, strong partnerships, and creative experiments reflect our dedication and hard work.

Excellence and Empowerment

Excellence & Empowerment

We’re all about exceeding expectations and delivering top-notch quality across our businesses through constant learning and transformation. We spark engagement and passion in our team, driving them to create extraordinary work with a touch of fun and creativity.



Building trust with our stakeholders is key to our success. We ensure long-term success by consistently delivering reliable results. The trust placed in us by our clients, suppliers, investors, and partners is the cornerstone of our achievements. Therefore, it’s essential that we continually strive to enhance this trust in everything we do.

Our drive to succeed must come from within.

Our Brands

Bahrain’s fastest-growing coffeehouse chain, Caribou Coffee, is quickly becoming a favorite hangout for both locals and expats. Known for its commitment to quality, Caribou Coffee prides itself on using only all-natural coffee ingredients, ensuring a rich and authentic coffee experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Fuddruckers, a renowned American fast-casual chain, is celebrated for its gourmet burgers and freshly baked buns. Each burger is made with premium ingredients, offering a delicious and satisfying experience for all diners. In Bahrain, Fuddruckers has firmly established itself as a staple in the local food scene, drawing in both locals and expats alike.

Marble Slab Creamery and Great American Cookies offer a delightful blend of handcrafted ice cream and freshly baked cookies. Known for premium ingredients and customizable options, these beloved American chains provide a unique dessert experience. In Bahrain, they have quickly become favorite destinations for both locals and expats seeking delicious treats.

Francesco’s Pizza is renowned for its authentic, wood-fired pizzas made with the finest ingredients. Combining traditional techniques with modern flavors, each pizza offers a delightful dining experience. Popular among locals and visitors alike, Francesco’s Pizza provides a warm, inviting atmosphere, making it a favorite destination for pizza lovers.

Your Career,
Your Future.

We’re on the hunt for multi-talented individuals who see beyond the four walls of a restaurant, hotel, or store. At Foodvest, you’ll go beyond design—you’ll craft unforgettable experiences and shape the future of the hospitality industry.

Join our global team and do the best work of your career in a dynamic, rewarding environment that champions creativity and growth. Work with some of the biggest brands in the world and make a real impact.

Want to shape what’s next to come?